Sprite deformer

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About of this tool

This tool will enable you to deform, paint, and animate your sprites, both manually from the editor and through API classes from your program. For example, using this utility, you will be able to turn one rock into a mountain ridge or create a luxuriant forest using a single tree sprite, and so on.

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Demo version

The demo version was not included all source code, there is DLLs. A build was created with the demo version would work only five minutes.

First start. It's easy

In the first, you have to import the asset to your project. After that, you can use it.

Drag you sprite to the scene then click in title menu Component -> Sprite deformer -> and choose Sprite deformer static or Sprite deformer animation.

Sprite deformer static

Use "Sprite deformer static" if you don't want to animate points in Unity editor. However, you will still be able to deform sprites from your scripts.

There is the full Script

Sprite deformer animation

Use “Sprite deformer animation” if you want to animate points in Editor. For animating points, just create Animation controller and Animation, add your animation to controller, your controller to Animator component and now you are able to animate points in Animation window.

You will not be able to add more points than 256.

Please, don’t animate “bounds” or “mesh” value.

For saving performance in Animator component choose “Culling Mode” as “Based On Renderers”.

Important. Point animation by “Sprite deformer animation” doesn’t work on Windows Store application because Unity have a bug with animating “struct”. It will be fixed coming soon. See there.

Replace component

If you have created “Sprite deformer static” already and want to animate points by Animation window, just add “Sprite deformer animation” component to your GameObject, that will do translating your points and your properties from one component to another component.


API documentation is being worked on.

You can watch example scripts:

There is an example of modifing points with Sprite Deformer Static.

There is an example of modifing points with Sprite Deformer Animation.

There is an example of modifing materials.


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